DvW_Costa Rica (image by Sarah Wells)

“All over the world innumerable species are threatened by the direct or indirect intervention of man” Gerald Durrell.

For this reason, my role as a conservationist lends me great ambitions to work and secure threatened species populations, for the greater good of the environment. This work affords me great opportunities to explore and document rare and unusual wildlife, and report back the triumphs of these active conservation initiatives.

My professional career spans a decade in the fields of ecology and conservation, and has included opportunities to work in an a variety of challenging environments, both in New Zealand and abroad. I have an immense passion for species protection and conservation advocacy, and try to portray the world of natural history to the public through photography. I have an ambitious drive for exploration and have been involved in biodiversity inventory work in New Zealand, remote parts of Tasmania, the Pacific and West New Britain, Papua New Guinea. I have worked with a variety of taxa, including land snails, arthropods, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals (e.g. bats), but I have a  particular interest in Pacific and Melanesian herpetofauna.

My professional contributions include a number of scientific publications and management reports, on subjects including invasive species threats, wildlife conservation and management, biodiversity surveys and inventories, and ecological impact assessments. I have provided independent peer reviews for scientific journals, herpetofauna eradication programmes and published manuscripts.


MSc (Hons) – Conservation Biology
PGDipSci – Conservation Biology/ Entomology
BSc – Zoology/ Physiology




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