Lake Hargy Caldera, West New Britain 2016

In July 2016 we headed back to West New Britain, Papua New Guinea to our continue work on the Lake Hargy Caldera project, this time joining forces with expedition leader John Lane and entomologist Prof. Don Miller from California.

It was a short week-and-a-half expedition however, we managed to accomplish plenty, including gaining access to previously unexplored areas of Caldera. This trip we took two inflatable boats, which meant we could spend more time on Lake Hargy and access remoter parts of the lake edge.

Highlights from the expedition included:

  • the confirmation and collection of freshwater jellyfish
  • sightings of an unidentified species of Melomys (rodent)
  • new location records for several reptile species from within the Caldera
  • an undescribed species of Cornufer (previously Platymantis) (frog)
  • new records of large invertebrates (e.g. Cormocephalus and Theraphosidae ‘tarantula’)

Below is a gallery from the 2016 expedition.


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